Rental Screening Criteria

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Move Out Procedures

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No Set-up Fees

When we take on a new property, we ask that each owner maintain a minimum of a $300.00 reserve with us. These funds will be used for newspaper advertising, repair parts and incidentals associated with renting a home.

Management fees for single family homes and plexes are 8% of gross rents received each month, $50.00 minimum. Sundance Property Management will never charge a management fee on your vacant unit.

Leasing fees are half of a typical months rent. This fee is only changed once in any 12 month period. We recommend that you accept a minimum of twelve month lease with your tenants.

Maintenance fees are $40.00 per man hour. Unit turn-over (painting, cleaning and repairs) can usually be bid on a flat rate basis. If you would like to do your own maintenance, we would be happy to walk the property with you to identify areas of concern and to make your property most rentable.

Owner Portal

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